Welcome to Central Baptist Church!

I’m glad you’ve stopped by today.  Your time is valuable and that you have chosen to share a bit of it with us like this is quite a gift.  We’ll do our best to handle it well.  Allow me to tell you just a bit about the community you’ve just started to uncover here on our website.  There are three primary driving forces behind who we are and what we do that we feel God has put in place for a reason.  The first is belonging.  We are all about helping spiritual seekers find a place to belong.  Now, who is a spiritual seeker?  Anyone interested in moving in the direction of Jesus.  If you find yourself at any point along that journey—from curious but skeptical to deeply committed—we want to help you find the unique place in this world which you have been designed to fill.  We want to do this not only for you, but for your whole family.  On this note, we very much value families here at Central in all shapes and sizes.  We are a family church and we want you to experience that in the ways you were designed to do so.

The second driving force is learning.  We are convinced here at Central that truth is knowable and we want you to know it.  Now, this doesn’t mean we think we have everything figured out, but we are committed to the idea that truth is revealed in the pages of the Bible, in particular the truth of the Gospel, and that by assuming the posture of learners we can grow in truth together.  To this end, we have a variety of opportunities for learning in our community from big to small.  You can join with us as we worship together, learning together as a whole body.  If you want a slightly more intimate group and even more in depth learning join us for Table Talk at the Kitchen Table on Wednesday evenings.  For some real focused small group learning you are encouraged to check out our community groups on Sunday mornings.

The last driving force is serving.  We are a serving body.  The Gospel was not introduced into the world to remain cloistered in buildings guarded over by a chosen few.  It was and is intended to be proclaimed out in the world.  One of the chief ways this happens is through unconditional, no-strings-attached service.  As a body we pursue such opportunities within our local community and out beyond our borders to the ends of the earth.  If you have a heart for demonstrating the love of Christ in practical ways to people in need, you’ll find a place here.

Putting all of this together, Central is a place where people matter and are empowered to engage their world Christ.  If you want to be a part of where God is taking us, we’d love for you to join us on the journey.   From a genuine family atmosphere to engaging teaching to heartfelt worship led by our fantastic choir to fulfilling opportunities to impact the world outside our doors, you can find a place here.  I hope you will.


Pastor Jonathan


Where are you, anyway?

Central is conveniently located on Courthouse Road a shade under a mile north of US 460.  Here’s how to find us:

For your GPS: 6405 Courthouse Road, Church Road, VA

From Petersburg: Take I-85 south toward Rocky Mount, NC to Exit 61 (US 460W/Airport St).  Turn right, drive 8.8 miles, and turn right again on Courthouse Rd (VA 627).  This will be the first blinking traffic signal you see.  Head up Courthouse 0.7 miles and you can’t miss us on your right.

From Blackstone: Head east on US 460.  The first traffic signal you encounter will be Courthouse Rd (VA 627).  Turn left and drive 0.7 miles.  You can’t miss us on your right.

From Dinwiddie: Head north on Courthouse Rd (VA 627).  When you come to the intersection of Courthouse Rd and US 460, go straight across.  Drive another 0.7 miles and you can’t miss us on your right.

What time should I come?

There are three great chances to come and check out what life at Central is like.

Our weekend activities begin at 10:00 AM with Sunday school classes available for all ages.  We’d love to help you find the right place to connect once you get here.  All our groups are engaging on the question of where does the Bible meet my life with the help of Lifeway’s Bible Studies for Life.

Our community worship service begins at 11:00 AM and lasts about an hour.  This is the best way to come and experience part of our life cycle without any pressure.  You can enjoy some of the great hymns of the faith in a lively setting and experience teaching that is both challenging and engaging.

If you miss us on the weekend, you’re in luck.  The Kitchen Table is open every Wednesday starting at 5:30 PM.  Come and enjoy a great meal and then stay for Table Talk where there is a chance for kids, youth, and adults, to engage on some of the big questions of faith and life and God in a more intimate, informal setting.  Our littlest guests will have the opportunity to have some fun in the nursery during this time.

Is there anything else I should know?

You might have a few more questions about your experience at Central.  Here are a few we figured everyone is asking.

What should I wear?

When you get here you will be immersed in a family atmosphere.  Folks are comfortable with each other however we happened to look.  Some folks show up in their traditional Sunday best while others prefer to be more casual.  As a result, you will fit in fine whether you wear jeans, a suit, or anything in between.

Where should I park?

Parking is pretty easy to find at Central as the lot isn’t very big.  The easiest place to get a spot will be to turn in the first entrance to the church and park in the first space you pass.

Where do I go once I arrive?

If you are coming for the community worship service, head around to the front of the building and come on in the big white doors that face the road.  If you are coming for Sunday school, come around to the side entrance with all the windows on the north side of the building.  Head up the stairs to the foyer and you’ll be shown where to go.  If you are joining us at the Kitchen Table on Wednesdays, come around to the north side of the building, but go in the door nearest the rear of the building.  This will put you in the Fellowship Hall.  You’ll know you’re in the right place when you can smell the food!

I have kids.  Where do they go?

We love kids at Central and have some special activities geared directly toward them.  If you join us for Sunday school, we will help lead your children to a small group geared especially for them.

When you come to the community worship service you have two options.  For the littlest ones (3 and under) we have a great nursery with dedicated workers.  The nursery is located immediately outside the sanctuary.  For older children (4-4th grade), they are welcomed to join us for the first half of the service and then they can head off to a special time of worship just for them.*  We will help you reconnect quickly with them as soon as the service ends.  Kids from 5th grade on up are able to get the full worship experience.

*We know that the first time in a new place can be a little scary.  If you or your kids aren’t totally comfortable being apart in the building just yet, don’t worry about it.  Let them enjoy the full service at your side until you’ve gotten a little more used to things.

After dinner at the Kitchen Table on Wednesday there are activities for little ones, elementary school children, and youth.  We’ll gladly help your kids find the right place when you join us.

Anything else?

Not that we can think of here.  But if you have any other questions you are welcome to call the church office during business hours and we’ll answer any others you do think of.  We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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