Update July 6, 2017

Our small city of Kandern had its annual City Day – Städtlitag – and we enjoyed being out with the people and music, while all of the shops are also open on that Sunday (normally everything is closed on Sundays). It was the 50th year anniversary of the Kandern Business Association (see the pictures). Our widow neighbor Verena was with us and we enjoy being an encouragement to her, as she also connects us to many people – we say that “Vereni knows everyone in the Kandern Valley!” 
PLEASE PRAY for our small NEIGHBORHOOD PARTY on SATURDAY, where we will be with the Mittmann family (Gerd, Melanie and son Vincent) at their small pool and our doctor friend, Isolde, will come as well. We want to connect more deeply with these friends and be the love of Jesus to them!
PLEASE PRAY for PASTOR EDDY’S potential HOUSE to RENT, in which the current family moving out is going through divorce and this is causing problems for the owner of the house and Eddy’s family to move forward. They need this family to move out! Next week Rob will be visiting Eddy and others again at Lake Constance to encourage and plan next ministry steps with them.
PLEASE also ENJOY a few more pictures from the SZEGED WEDDING in the CITY HALL, where Sarah had an important role to stand as Regi’s witness and offer her signature 2x!
With Thankfulness, Rob and Donna